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Google - Google Wifi AC1200 Dual-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System (3-Pack) - WhiteSku: NLS-1304-25 3-PACK

Create a reliable internet connection throughout your home with this Google Wi-Fi system. The convenient package of three connectivity points effortlessly covers even large homes up to 4,500 square feet. This Google Wi-Fi system eliminates uneven bandwidth usage among multiple devices, including cellphones and tablets, for an unimpeded connection that doesn't lag behind.

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Product Features

Attic-to-basement connectivity

Google Wifi comes in a pack of three to put in different rooms so you can stream in the living room or game in the playroom without a battle for bandwidth. And provides up to 4,500 sq. ft. of coverage.

Compatible with 802.11ac

Backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n networks, so you can easily upgrade.

Up to 1.2 Gbps data transfer speed

For fast, efficient operation.

TX Beamforming technology

Focuses signals directly to compatible wireless devices to help ensure dependable connectivity.

Wi-Fi protected access

Protects your network against hackers and eavesdroppers.

2 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Offer a high-speed wired network connection and can be configured as WAN or LAN.

Manage your family's Internet use

Keep track of your family's screen time - pause the Internet on your kids' devices at bedtime or during homework hours.

Google Wifi app

Makes it simple to share your password with guests and prioritize devices on your network. (Download required)



  • Parts
    Not Available
  • Labor
    Not Available
  • Color
  • Color Category
  • Model Number
    NLS-1304-25 3-PACK
  • Height
    2.7 inches
  • Width
    4.17 inches
  • Depth
    4.17 inches
  • Weight
    0.75 pounds
  • Flash Memory Installed
    4 megabytes
  • Product Name
    Google Wifi AC1200 Dual-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System (3-pack)
  • Brand
  • RAM Installed
    512 megabytes
  • ENERGY STAR Certified  Devices carrying the Energy Star service mark, such as computer products and peripherals, kitchen appliances, buildings and other products, generally use 20% to 30% less energy than required by federal standards.
  • Frequency Band  VHF frequencies are best for exclusive outdoor use, as these frequencies will hug the ground and travel further in open areas. UHF frequencies, the more common of the two, tend to penetrate obstructions and will work well both indoors and out.
    2.4GHz, 5 GHz
  • Wireless
  • System Requirements
    Android device (4.0 or higher) or iOS device (iOS 8 or higher), Google Account
  • OS Compatibility
    Android, Apple iOS
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Maximum Speed
    1200 megabits per second
  • Port Type(s)  USB 2.0 connects external drives, gaming controllers, smartphones, MP3 players and other accessories. USB 3.0 transfers data faster than USB 2.0, but only when used with USB 3.0 devices. USB Type-C provides fast speeds and versatile power, featuring connectors with identical ends that plug in upside down or right side up. Adapters allow for video as well as backward compatibility. Thunderbolt provides ultra-high bandwidth for fast data transfer between devices featuring a Thunderbolt or MiniDisplayPort connection. HDMI allows you to connect a projector or display HD media on your HDTV or monitor. Media card slots allow you to transfer photos from your digital camera or camcorder.
  • Maximum Data Speed
    1200 megabits per second
  • Gigabit Ethernet Speed
  • Ethernet Standard
  • Parental Controls
  • Data Encryption
  • Dual-Band Technology
  • Encryption Type
  • Firewall Type
  • Wireless Standard
    Wireless-A, Wireless-AC, Wireless-B, Wireless-G, Wireless-N
  • UPC




Carrier N/A
AMD Processor No
Solid State Drive No
Watch Color No
Band Color No
Capacity N/A
iPhone N/A
Wi-Fi & Networking N/A
Headphones & Earphones N/A
Air Compressors, Tools & Accessories No
Woodworking Tools N/A
Size N/A
Power Source N/A
Attachment N/A
Nail Guns & Pneumatic Staple Guns N/A
Trimmers & Edgers No
Hard Drive No
Manufacturer Google
Snow Removal Equipment No
Intel Processor No
Flash Storage No
Memory 8GB
Guitar Accessories No
Saws No
Power Tools & Combo No
Macbook Category No
Apple Watch Series No


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