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Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep CleanerSku: FH50220

We call it the MaxExtract DualV. You’ll call it the best money you’ve ever spent.

The MaxExtract deep cleaners are capable of deep cleaning and freshening a variety of surfaces, carpeted or hard floor, and even upholstery.

  • MaxExtract DualV Nozzle Technology pulls up more dirty water so your floors dry fast and you will be back to living on your deep cleaned floors quickly.
  • Pressurized edge to edge cleaning gives you a wall of pressurized water that loosens and lifts stubborn stains with a constant and relentless spray
  • Spinscrub Technology with 60 counter rotating brushes engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt at every angle
  • Auto conversion tools conveniently positioned right at your finger tips
  • Smart Tanks System gives you separate tanks for clean and dirty water, so you can easily fill, empty, and rinse each tank individually

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Patented SpinScrub Brushes

Cunter-rotating brushes engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt at every angle. It's like treating your carpet to a deep, massaging salon shampoo.

Pressurized Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

A wall of pressurized water that loosens and lifts stubborn stains with constant and relentless spray.

Heated Cleaning

Powerful motor with forced heated air to help speed dry time.



Move easily through dirty carpets and hard surfaces with the MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Washer's, powerful, maximum suction, 12-amp motor. The curved design and impressionable SpinScrub brushes make this an attractive cleaning machine with lots of style. Great for quick pick-ups, all over routine cleaning or those heavily soiled areas. The two tank system makes it easy for you to keep your clean and dirty water separate. Watch the dirty water tank fill up as the MaxExtract Carpet Washer cleans with the full width of the nozzle. No need to worry about scratches or marks in your hard surface flooring with the MaxExtract's soft wheels and hard floor squeegee.

Carrier N/A
AMD Processor N/A
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Power Source N/A
Attachment N/A
Nail Guns & Pneumatic Staple Guns N/A
Trimmers & Edgers N/A
Hard Drive N/A
Manufacturer Hoover
Snow Removal Equipment N/A
Intel Processor N/A
Flash Storage N/A
Memory N/A
Guitar Accessories N/A
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